About Us

Tara Winds is an all-adult symphonic band celebrating over 30 years of excellence in musical performance. Our founders, Larry Volman, Ed Davis, and David Gregory envisioned Tara Winds to be a performance medium for local musicians and to encourage school band members to continue performing after completion of their formal studies. The mission statement, Music: Enjoyment For All Ages, expresses the commitment of our found- ers that music is a source of life-long enjoyment. Tara Winds is composed primarily of musicians from metropolitan Atlanta, but draws its total membership from instrumentalists from throughout Georgia.

Under the direction of Dr. Andrea Strauss, Tara Winds continues to be recognized as one of the finest adult ensembles of its kind. It has presented invitational performances for numerous regional and national music conferences and has the distinction of having performed for the Midwest Clinic in 1994 and 2001, and the American Bandmasters Association National Convention in 1999.

Many noteworthy performances include the 1990, 2004, 2008, and 2012 Southern Division CBDNA/NBA Conventions, the 2006 Western

International Band Conference, the 2013 University of Alabama Honor Band Festival, the 1993, 1998, 2001, 2005, and 2009 University of Georgia High School Music Festivals, the 1990 University of South Carolina Band Clinic and Conductor's Symposium, the 2004 and 2011 University of Southern Mississippi All-South Band Clinic, the 1997 Atlanta International Band and Orchestra Conference, and the 1999 Bands of America Regional Concert Festival. Tara Winds has performed for numerous Georgia Music Educators Association In-Service Conferences throughout its history. The Tara Winds educational outreach initiative includes annual performances with the Youth Bands of Atlanta in cooperation with Conn-Selmer, Inc.

Tara Winds has performed under the batons of internationally-known composers Mark Camphouse · Quincy Hilliard · Francis McBeth · Steve Melillo · Ron Nelson · Robert Sheldon. Guest soloists include Jamey Aebersold · Laurel Beard · Christopher Bill · Julian Bliss · Carlo Calcagnini · Katie Gatch · Amber Greer · Vince DiMartino · Alok John · James Land · Linda Volman Lane · Dr. Thomas Liley · Tom (Bones) Malone · Matthew McCord· Dr. Deborah Popham · Patrick Sheridan · John Strauss · Harry Watters · Cecil Welch · Russell Wilson · Jay Wucher.

Guest conductors include Dr. Bobby Adams · Dr. Robert Ambrose · Dr. Sam Baltzer · Kenneth Beard · Col. John R. Bourgeois · Dr. Kerry Bryant · Col. William Clark · Erin Cole · Randall Coleman · James Copenhaver · Robert Cowles · Paula Crider · Dr. James Croft · Maestro Fulvio Creux · Ed Davis · Dr. Stan DeJarnett · Dr. Rodney Dorsey · Dr. Frederick Fennell · Frank Folds · D. Alan Fowler · Dr. Thomas Fraschillo · Matt Fuller · Dr. Jerry Gatch · Col. Hal Gibson · Col. Lowell Graham · Roy Holder · Dr. WJ Julian · Dr. David Kehler · Mark Kelly · Stan Kramer · Dr. Mary Land · Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser · Dr. John Locke · Dr. John Lynch · Freddy Martin · Matthew McCord · Boyd McKeown · Dr. William J. Moody · Dr. John Odom · Michael Puckett · Dr. Myra Rhoden · Dr. Robert Rumbelow · Jimmy Saied (as John Philip Sousa) · Dr. Dwight Satterwhite · Lt. Col. Beth Steele · Dr. Scott Stewart · Dr. Mallory Thompson · Dr. Cynthia Johnston Turner · Steven Tyndall · Dr. David Vandewalker · Larry Volman · Alfred Watkins · Frank Wickes · Dan Wilson · Dennis Zeisler. Commissioned composers have been Julie Giroux · Samuel Hazo · Robert Sheldon · Luigi Zaninelli.